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AccuSolve, Inc. is a Utah (US) corporation founded in July, 1997 by Eric and Kim Peckham, of Sandy, Utah. It started with an emphasis on providing software consulting services to large and small local businesses, specializing in design, development and integration of client-server (usually based on Oracle) solutions. Eric had also been doing this kind of consulting for about 8 years prior to incorporation.

In a former life Eric was a mortgage financing manager and executive (eventually winding up as Chief Financial Officer) for about 12 years, during which time he developed a serious interest in programming. Mortgage banking became less and less appealing and when the mortgage company was bought and absorbed by a larger company, leaving the senior officers without a job, he took advantage of it by making a radical career change, and has never looked back.

Starting in early 2001 most of the consulting projects were gradually phased out and Eric began developing productivity software to be marketed using the "try-before-you-buy" marketing model.

At AccuSolve we have many ideas to eventually turn in to great software applications that will save you time and money. We appreciate the support of our customers and partners who make it possible to do what we love and earn a living to support our precious family of eight (six children).

Here is a picture of Eric from a recent trip to Arches National Park in Utah.

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10052 Roseboro Road
Sandy, UT 84092


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Our time zone is Mountain Standard Time (MST: GMT -7:00), except in the summer we are on daylight savings time (Mountain Daylight Time MDT: GMT -6:00). We are always one hour ahead of Los Angeles and two hours behind New York.

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