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AccuSolve, Inc. Privacy Policy

Any information we collect from you, our customers or web site visitors, is intended solely to enable us to better serve you. We do not provide any such information to others outside of AccuSolve, Inc., neither will we ever provide any such information to others without your permission, and we will never ask you for permission to do so unless we believe it is necessary in order to better serve you. We are in the business of developing and selling software, not in selling lists of customer information to other companies. We respect your right to privacy and if you should ever have any concerns regarding a matter of privacy with our company, we encourage you to contact us here.

In addition, we want you to know that your information is safe with us! Whatever information you may provide to us is protected carefully from unauthorized persons and intruders. For more information on how we protect your personal information please read the AccuSolve Security Promise.


A cookie is a very small text file that web sites ask your browser to store on your computer so that the information stored therein may be retrieved by that same web site at a later time. Information saved by one site cannot be accessed by another web site, no matter how much they may want to.

We use cookies sparingly and judiciously on this web site for two main purposes:

1. Visitor convenience

Saving a cookie on your computer can save you from having to enter the same information multiple times, as we will store your information in a secure database, and store the record identifier for that information in a cookie on your computer so that when you later visit that same page, or a related page, you don't have to re-enter the same information.

2. Web site analysis

If you allow us to save a cookie on your computer, we are better able to determine the effectiveness of our advertising and promotion efforts, and redirect them, if necessary, to ensure we are focusing such efforts on those people who are most likely to have an interest in our products and services. If we can be more successful in this way then our ability to deliver quality products and services to existing and potential customers is enhanced, which we feel is a win-win situation.

You don't have to accept placement of cookies on your computer. Your web browser should have the ability to block cookies if you wish. We never store any personally identifiable information in the cookies we save.

Online Store

If you order from us using our online store, we have implemented special safeguards to protect the highly confidential information you provide. Such information is transmitted over the Internet using the most secure encryption technology available on the web, and is deleted from our server as soon as the order is complete. We also take great pains to prevent fraudulent use of stolen credit card information on our site.

If you allow cookies, we will be able to save the contents of your shopping cart so if you don't order immediately and come back later we will be able to repopulate your cart for you. We don't use cookies to store any other information from the ordering process.

We are very much committed to your security - we treat your information the way we would want ours treated.


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