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Recommended Software We Use

On this page we have for you a compilation of software by other authors that we like and use, and highly recommend! In some cases we like their software so much we have become an affiliate of theirs to help promote their great programs. To be listed here a program has to be of high quality and usefulness, meeting the same standards of excellence that we try to achieve in our own. We hope you will try them, and if you like them as much as we do, come back here to follow the purchase link so our friends will know we sent you to them, and in some cases we will get a commission for our efforts.

All programs listed here have free trial downloads available from their respective web sites. If we include a purchase link on this page, we kindly ask that you use that if and when you are ready to register the software. Otherwise, simply follow the instructions in the software or on the authors web site to register.

We will change from time to time what is listed here, so bookmark this page and check back again some time!


RoboForm - Indispensable Browser Add-On
We believe this is the most useful browser utility ever! Let RoboForm securely remember your passwords and other personal information, and let the Robot log you in to web sites with one-click, and fill forms with ease! A great companion to our own Masking Password Generator! Download free trial.


ClipMate 6 - Cut and Paste Like a Pro!
ClipMate is the "Grandaddy" of all clipboard extensions! We probably use this application more than any other, besides the operating system itself. Check it out - you'll be glad you did! See also CastlePaste PRO below for a different but very useful approach to clipboard extension.

TopStyle Pro HTML Editor / CSS Editor / XHTML Editor for Windows

TopStyle Pro HTML Editor / CSS Editor / XHTML Editor for Windows
We use TopStyle chiefly for its fabulous CSS style editor, but it is full of other great features as well!

ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculators & Unit Conversion Utilities for Win 32 Platforms

ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculators & Unit Conversion Utils for Win 32 Platforms
ESBCalc Pro is a windows calculator on steroids! We especially like the paper trail - we use it all the time. ESBUnitConv Pro is great too - are you reading "Lord of the Rings" and wondering how far a fathom or a league is? Easily convert from any conceivable unit to any other. Fun and useful! Get both calculators together with ESBCalc Pro Suite!
Purchase ESBCalc Pro
Purchase ESBUnitConv Pro
Purchase ESBCalc Pro Suite

The Journal - Personal Journaling Software

The Journal is the Premiere Personal Journal Software!
We looked all over for a journal program and are really glad we found this gem! The Journal has everything you could want - it's easy to use and very powerful. If you keep a journal of your life or specific activities, this program is a must have!

EditPlus Internet-Ready Programmers Text Editor

EditPlus - an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor.
We've been using EditPlus for a long time as our standalone text editor. We just can't imagine where we'd be without it! We use it as a Notepad replacement, and for developing programs in Perl, PHP, SQL, HTML and much more. It's great for making changes to web site code and even includes an easy-to-use FTP transfer function to send your changes directly to your web site! You've got to try it!

PocoMail - Email client that doesn't compromise privacy or security

PocoMail - Email client that doesn't compromise privacy or security
PocoMail is a very powerful email client with extensive customization, filtering and scripting features. We really like this program!
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Software Authors - accept payments with PayPal

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Set up a merchant account with PayPal and start accepting credit card and other types of payments on your web site instantly without sign-up or setup fees. We offer PayPal as an alternative payment method to our customers, and many of them are glad we do! Click on the above banner and you can be set up with a PayPal Business or Premier account within minutes!

CastlePaste PRO

CastlePaste PRO - Why cut and paste when you can simply paste ?
CastlePaste PRO allows you to easily paste anything you want into the active program. It follows the currently active window, so it is always there when you need it. No more switching between windows to cut and paste.

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