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Shareware Tracker - Premium Software Submission System

Shareware Tracker Pricing and Licensing Information


We have designed a pricing model that we believe makes Shareware Tracker affordable for almost any software developer, no matter how small their budget may be. If you are just starting out and have little cash, feel free to choose a short-term subscription plan, which will give you full-functionality for the duration of your license. The exposure your great program will get should then make it possible later on to upgrade to a permanent license plan. A description of both plans follows. Also, be sure and check to see if you qualify for any of the discounts we offer!

Prices at a Glance

Permanent License [1]
12-month Temporary License [2]
6-month Temporary License[2]
3-month Temporary License[2]
1-month Temporary License[2]

[1] Includes full maintenance and support, including all program and site database updates, for one year from date of purchase. Subsequent years require a $29.00 annual maintenance fee to continue to receive all updates. See below for more detailed explanation.

[2] Includes full maintenance and support, including all program and site database updates, for the period of the license term. See below for more detailed explanation.

Permanent License - $ 89.00 US   BUY NOW

This license entitles you to use the program forever - you will receive a key that will never expire. All program and database updates (which are frequent) are included for a term of one year following the purchase date. After the first year you may purchase a maintenance contract in annual increments of $29.00, which will further entitle you to all program and database updates for another year. With this maintenance plan you will never pay extra for any upgrades, whether minor or major, and you will enable us to provide the extensive ongoing maintenance required to keep our database growing and more up-to-date than that of any of our competitors.

The annual maintenance fees for the second and subsequent years are optional. You may continue to use the program, but once the maintenance term expires, you will not be able to receive any further program or database updates until the annual fee is paid. Again, the first year of maintenance is included in the initial licensing fee of $89.00. Permanent license holders may pay for the annual maintenance by logging in to After successfully logging in, go to My Products and click the link Renew Maintenance under your Shareware Tracker Permanent License listing. Follow the instructions from that point forward.

If the maintenance is renewed either before, or within 30 days after, the renewal date, the new renewal date will be exactly one year from the renewal date. If it is renewed more than 30 days after the renewal date, the new renewal date will be one year from the renewal payment date. In other words, if you find it necessary to delay renewing more than 30 days, we won't make you pay retroactively for maintenance you did not receive.

We think that once you recognize the full value of this program you will find that keeping everything up-to-date is a very wise investment indeed!

If you have already purchased a Temporary License in the past, you are entitled to a credit towards the Permanent License price. Please see below for further details.

Purchase a permanent license now

Permanent license holders renew your annual maintenance in MyAccuSolve (My Products).

Temporary License

We offer four (4) temporary licensing plans. For each plan you will receive a key that will expire at the end of the specified term. After it expires you will still be able to open up the program and access your data, but you will not be able to perform searches, submissions, etc. A temporary license entitles you to all program and database updates made available throughout the license term.

Temporary licenses may be purchased as often as you require. For example, you can purchase a 1-month license, complete all of your initial submission work, and then wait a month or two after your license expires before purchasing a license for another term. There is no automatic renewal.

Temporary license plans are very affordable and allow you to gain the full power and functionality of this sophisticated application for a very reasonable cost. When your cash flow improves, and you are finding the need to submit more often, you can then purchase a permanent license as described above.

Apply Temporary License Purchase Price to Price of Permanent License

NEW! If you buy a Temporary License, and later wish to upgrade to a Permanent License, you can receive full credit for the amount you paid for one Temporary License towards the Permanent License price! All you have to do is order the Permanent License and on the shopping cart page enter the license key for your Temporary License in the "Coupon" field. Then click on "Apply Coupon". If it is valid it will reduce the price of the Permanent License accordingly, and you can continue to complete the order process as normal.

Here are the four plans and their respective prices - click on a price to buy a temporary license now:

One (1) month $15.00
Three (3) months $35.00
Six (6) months $55.00
Twelve (12) months $75.00

Shareware Marketing Package - get Shareware Tracker and several other high-powered marketing tools!


Get Shareware Tracker along with several other high-powered marketing tools and save hundreds of dollars! Shareware Tracker (12-month license) is now offered as part of the *Shareware Marketing Package.

* Sold by third party. AccuSolve money-back guarantees, discounts, etc. do not apply to Shareware Marketing Package.


Money-Back Guarantee

All software purchases (except for 1- and 3- month temporary license plans) come with our 30-day no-hassle money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our product and service.

Currency Conversion

All of the above prices are in USD - United States Dollars. If you would like to convert any price to your own currency, click on one of the following links:

Convert from (USD)

Shareware Tracker Discounts - save money!

Competitive Upgrade Discount

If you are the owner of a license of any of the following products, and can provide proof of ownership, you qualify for a 30% discount on your initial Shareware Tracker purchase!

  • Aid Submission Genius 1.0 or above
  • RoboSoft 2.0 or above
  • Sharit 3.0 or above
  • Submass 5.0 or above (at least 1 yr. subscription)
  • Submitus 1.0 or above
  • SVA 2.0 or above

You may send us a copy of your receipt, or a screenshot of the program showing you as the registered licensee, or any other reasonable proof of purchase. Send your proof of registration to .

ASP Membership Discount

If you are an active member of the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) you are eligible for a 15% discount on all Shareware Tracker purchases, not including maintenance renewals. Please use our online form to request information on how to obtain the discount. You will need to provide your ASP membership name and number.

Shareware Tracker End User License Agreement (EULA)


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